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We are the experts for the development of high integrity mechatronic systems. We cover the complete product life cycle: requirements capture, development and manufacturing of prototypes, qualification series manufacturing and service. The Advanced Mechatronics team consists of highly qualified engineers, who have specialized in the fields of systems engineering, functional safety, software, mechanics and electronics. 

Lean processes and an agile development approach ensures fast track project execution for demonstrators, prototypes and qualification units.


We cover the different stage gates in the product development: from feasibility studies to demonstrators and qualification units up to series production. This includes the development and manufacturing of fully automated testbenches for components and systems.

The core competence is the systems engineering combined with expertise from the disciplines of mechanics, electronics and software. The methods of reliability engineering are applied during the entire product development.

Feasibility studies

Theoretical analyses and simulation of mechatronic systems


Reliability analyses, safety analyses, root cause analyses


In the areas: Functional Safety, Requirements Management, Systems Engineering, Reliability Analyses


Integrated development of complex mechatronic systems


Proof of system requirements through Analysis, Inspection, Black Box Test, White Box Test

Integration / Validation

Planning and execution of integration and validation activities to get the system up and running.


Planning, specification and execution of: Endurance tests, HALT tests, performance tests, temperature tests, shock and vibration tests, EMC tests

Manufacturing / Production

Assembly, programming, testing and documentation of prototypes and series.


Modifications, upgrades and repair of the systems


Systems Engineering

„Develop the best solution for a complex problem“. This includes stakeholder management, use cases and user scenarios, scoping, architecture development, interfaces, development processes (from agile to waterfall) verification and validation. This enables targeted development and absolute transparency about the project at all times.

Functional Safety

We develop and analyse mechatronic systems according to the requirements of functional safety (IEC 61508 / ISO 26262). Our experts are trained Functional Safety Professionals and are also able to manage complex systems.

Reliability Management / Risk Management

This includes the complete scope of quantitative methods (FMEDA / FTA / RBD) as well as qualitative methods (FMEA, HAZOP) and empirical methods (DoE). This allows the reliability of the systems to be optimised in a targeted manner and a quantitative assessment of reliability, safety and availability to be made. For medical devices we use risk management according to ISO 14971.

Requirements Management

Identification of the requirements, implementation in the design and proof of correct implementation. Management of the requirement through the development phase and management of the changes. Requirements are comprehensibly implemented in the architecture and design (Requirements Traceability).

Drive Technology

This includes the simulation of the application to analyse and define the requirements of the drive components like drive, motor and gear. Selection of the optimum components and integration into the system. The selected solution is validated at an early stage with the help of detailed simulation models.

Automation engineering

We develop suitable automation technology consisting of visualisation, control and closed-loop technology for test benches.

SMART Building

Our experience in this field enables us to support you in the planning and implementation of future-oriented and fully integrated building automation. We link and program high-quality and freely selectable components according to your individual ideas for long-term profitable operation.

Industry 4.0

We live industry 4.0. Therefore, we implement open interfaces such as OPC UA to ensure access to the data independent of the used hardware.

Regulatory Requirements

We have extensive experience in the development of mechatronic systems according to the European Directives (Machinery Directive, Medical Device Directive).


We provide subsea electric actuators and fail-safe actuation systems for the operation of subsea valves on subsea installations including X-mas trees to 3000 m below the sea level. For Fail Safe on request multiple valves must be closed with a SIL 2 integrity. For this purpose, a highly reliable drive system consisting of batteries and actuators is being developed with full TUEV certification.

Subsea electric acutators are also used for subsea hydraulic power units (HPU) where the motor drive the pump and generates hydraulic power.

Other applications include: Workover Tools, ROV (Manipulators, Thruster), ...

We develop and operate test benches for the qualification and lifetime testing of rotary and linear actuators. The actuators can be tested in temperature conditioned salt water.

We carry out qualitative and quantitative reliability analyses (FMEA / fault tree) of mechatronic systems and develop proposals for optimization. For this purpose, we determine reliability parameters of the components from reliability catalogues (MIL 217 F, OREDA, etc.) or perform our own investigations to determine the parameters.

We develop active exoskeletons for the support of elderly people. Mechatronic drive technology supports the musculoskeletal system and thus enables a high quality of life in familiar surroundings.

Who we are?

We are a team of engineers with a wide experience in the fields of mechatronics, systems engineering and mechanical engineering who have deep knowledge and understanding of  demanding research and development projects.

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